Mini Lock

Designer: Christoph Lohe

This puzzle measures: 32 mm x 26 mm x 52 mm

Material: Ash and Purpleheart

Moves: 6.7

Christoph Lohe wrote about it:

“The Mini Lock was originally designed just to have a test vehicle for 3D print. Together with a good puzzle friend, we wanted to check how small it can be printed to get a stable puzzle. The 3D printed result was quite nice, and the solving sequence was much fun, so I decided to let it being produced in wood. The puzzle consists only of a frame with one obstacle, a shackle, and two sticks. With a level 6.7 it is not a difficult puzzle, but it can be operated like a tiny padlock, which is a nice touch. When I received Pelikan's sample, I was amazed what they made of the design. They have been able to build it in a tiny size, only about 25 gramms. Nevertheless, the woodworking is fabulous, very precise, tolerances are just perfect, and the wood selection is breathtaking. It is a cute little gem, I love it!”