Shipping Policy

International shipping wherever you are


Payment is done through PayPal or you can make direct payment to bank account. When we receive the money, we will send the package to your provided shipping address.


Shipping is calculated according to the table below. When you are ordering the product, please fill the quantity, delivery company and address field.

Quantity Czech Post
Europe Others
1 14,00 17,00
2 16,00 20,00
3 18,00 23,00
4 20,00 26,00
5 22,00 29,00
6 24,00 32,00
7 26,00 35,00
8 28,00 38,00
9 30,00 41,00
10 32,00 44,00

The Czech Post delivers parcels around Europe within 7 days, abroad within 14 days. However, due to unpredictable or unexpected situations, delivery may be either significantly delayed or temporarily suspended with delays ranging up to 4-6 weeks. As a result, we cannot accurately estimate delivery times or guarantee on-time delivery.

We use tracked shipping for all orders. The tracking number will be provided to you after the parcel is sent. We ship internationally and we also do ship to mailboxes, parcel lockers etc.

Before ordering, please ensure that your country is accepting international mail and be prepared to wait longer than normal to receive your puzzles. For more information on delivery, please see the website of your domestic post.

Packing and Handling Times

All orders are packed on and shipped from Štítného 3108, Tábor, 39002, Czech Republic. We generally ship the parcels within 1-3 days after your order payment is processed, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, or unless otherwise stated.

Once a package leaves the Czech Republic or is transferred to another delivery service, we will no longer have control over its journey. If your package appears to be taking longer than normal, please get in touch with us at

During the holidays seasons, you may find transit times for parcels to be slower than normal.

Returned Packages

If a package is returned to us, due to the mistake of yours or the third-party, we will attempt to contact you via e-mail, reconfirm your delivery details and resend the package under the new tracking number. In some cases you may be required to cover additional delivery costs for resending the package. We may request these additional shipping costs retroactively. If we do not hear back from you within a week, the order will be cancelled.


Duties and taxes may be assessed at delivery depending on local regulations in your country. We suggest you check with your local import authority if you are not familiar with the taxes that may be charged.

Customers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. We are not responsible for any delays due to customs.

Missing and Incomplete Orders

If you suspect your package is lost, delayed or some item is missing, please contact us at We will discuss with you the further actions to solve your case.

If you have been provided with a tracking number, please additionally contact your domestic post in regards to the parcels.