Spiral Lock

Designer: Christoph Lohe

This puzzle measures: 72 mm x 48 mm x 107 mm

Material: Purpleheart, Acacia, Wenge, Padouk, Mahogany, Maple and Cherry


Christoph Lohe wrote about it:

“The Spiral Lock was the best find out of an extensive series of runs using four L-shaped sticks and a shackle in a frame with obstacles. It functions just like a padlock, and you do not need to remove any part to open the it. The solution level is which is not too difficult for disassembling. Reassembling with mixed pieces is not a walk in the park. Pelikan made a fantastic job on producing this design. Seven wonderful woods make it a colorful beauty. Frame and shackle are very accurately rounded, the overall puzzle is extremely precise, and perfect tolerances result in a smooth movement of any pieces. It is a real fun to play with, and a master piece in its own class. Because of the high working efforts which went into this puzzle, the quantity is strictly limited to forty pieces, each copy signed and numbered by Pelikan.”