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Designer: Benjamin Heidt

This puzzle measures: 80 mm x 80 mm x 77 mm

Material: Ash, Mahogany, Ball

Kevin Sadler wrote about it:

“The word Sisu is a Finnish word – it is not easily translatable into English but it roughly means: Strength of will, determination, perseverance, and acting rationally in the face of adversity. Sisu is not momentary courage, but the ability to sustain that courage. Does this mean that it requires enormous strength of will to solve it? I also noticed that there is a hole in the box which goes all the way through and remembered the scene from the recent movie where the hero stabbed a Nazi in the head through and through with his knife. Will there be a through and through hole? It has been beautifully made by Jakub and team from Mahogany, Ash, some magnets and a steel ball bearing. It is a restricted entry packing puzzle as we have seen many times before and also has pieces that are based on the Soma puzzle. Making this one very different from the others we have seen before, the pieces have some beautifully drilled holes in them. Some of these holes are blind ending and others are part of a channel through the piece and out another hole. The aim seems to be to assemble the pieces in the box and close the lid on top and then to roll the ball bearing through the maze that has been created until it comes out the other side. This means that the assembly requires the formation of a maze that goes entirely through the puzzle. This significantly adds to the challenge! Now this is an interesting puzzle to write about! I have so far not come even close to solving the full thing. Just before starting to write this review, I have finally managed to assemble the pieces into a cube shape – I am ashamed to say that this has taken me a whole day! I then went to BT and discovered that there is only one possible assembly for these pieces into a cube. I will then need to see how to get them into the box through the H-shaped entry – I assume that only one of the 6 possible orientations of the cube will be possible to assemble in the box and probably not without some fancy sequential moves. The pieces that have rotational symmetry will need to be oriented correctly to form the complete maze – whilst the piece shape might be symmetrical, the holes and channels are not. After this I will have a blind maze to negotiate with the ball bearing. I love a puzzle with multiple challenges and this will require some significant “Sisu” to achieve it! Despite not having completed the challenge yet, I know that this will be an essential purchase for you all. Hopefully Mrs S will not get upset with my muttering and stab me through the head later tonight!”

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  1. AnonymousPuzzler (verified owner)

    I heard about this puzzle from This is the first newer puzzle I’ve gotten in a while, my first “packing” puzzle, and I believe it’s my first from Pelikan. It did not disappoint!

    The concept is fresh and interesting, since you must first 1) construct the pieces into a cube such that a path can form for the ball, 2) “pack” the pieces so they all fit within the frame, and 3) maneuver the ball through the maze. Seeing different genres of puzzle like this in one product is rare and stood out to me.

    Finding the solution was challenging and satisfying; it took me about 3 – 4 hours collectively across several days. Constructing the cube was the hardest part for me, then packing it. However I’ll note that I haven’t actively solved puzzles in a while, so I am probably rusty, and others with more experience could possibly solve it faster.

    The wood quality and craftsmanship is nearly perfect. Very smooth and looks great, aside from the small openings within the frame, which did not receive the same level of polish. But this is a very small hiccup on something that otherwise is made incredibly well. The puzzle also has a decent size and weight to it which I like.

    Shipping was good and it arrived within two weeks. Lots of precautions/packaging to prevent damage to the puzzle, which I appreciated.

    Overall a superb puzzle, probably one of my favorites regarding the concept and quality.

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