Designer: Alfons Eyckmans

This puzzle measures: 95 mm x 83 mm x 83 mm

Material: Wenge, Purpleheart, Acacia

Kevin Sadler wrote about it:

“This is a lovely chunky 9 piece burr by Alfons made from Wenge, Acacia and Purpleheart. It has a lovely size to allow easy play and from the outset there is a nice exploration. There are 3 possible moves as the first move and only one leads anywhere but it quickly becomes apparent that all of the found moves will be useful at some point. The progress is delightful right up until you can’t find where to go next and you wander round and round in circles. Again, I had to put it down for a couple of hours to rest my weary brain and then start again later. The rest did me good and after following my previous paths, I found another lovely Aha! moment as another sequence opened up and shortly afterwards I removed the first piece. This did not lead to a sudden sequence of disassembly and there was a fair bit more backtracking and looking for another path to remove the next piece. As is usual with Alfons’ puzzles the difficulty level and exploration is just perfect at 15.5. The puzzle remains quite stable for quite a long time and I was even able to reassemble it without Burrtools. Of course a Burrtools file challenge is all part of the fun after you have done it.”

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