Designer: Girish Sharma

This puzzle measures: 60 mm x 60 mm x 60 mm

Material: Wenge, Padauk, Acacia, Maple

Kevin Sadler wrote about it:

“Girish is a relatively new name to me. I noticed that he suddenly appeared in the IPP design competition winners list this year with what looks like either a TIC or sequentially interlocking cube puzzle. Here we have another interlocking cube puzzle made from Wenge, Padauk, Acacia and Maple. I have always adored these puzzles ever since I got hooked by Richard Gain’s microcubology puzzles way back at the beginning of my puzzling career. Initially, I could only disassemble them and over the years got better and better and even enjoy them as assembly puzzles. One of my all time favourite interlocking puzzles is one of Juha Levonen’s designs – the Juha’s 12. This puzzle has a special piece which marches up and down through the other pieces during the solve process and is absolutely wonderful to play with. The Cerberus by Girish left me with a similar feeling. The pieces move all over the place and one piece in particular marches through. Once it has been removed (after 25 moves) it takes another 5 to remove the second and then 4 to finally separate the last 2 pieces. This puzzle was probably my absolute favourite from this release. I am really looking forward to any new creations from Girish in the future.”