Tube In Cube

Designer: Dr. Volker Latussek

This puzzle measures: 76 mm x 76 mm x 76 mm

Material: Elm / Bubinga

Dr. Volker Latussek wrote about it:

“‘Place the eight logs into the box.’ This is the simple goal of the wonderful packing puzzle LOX IN BOX by Vesa Timonen. These round rods, beveled on one side, are just crying out to be twisted out of the plane. I wanted to find eight round rods that would fit into an open cube-shaped box. And to do it in a unique arrangement. For this job, I needed to understand the shape of these round rods. At times I was convinced a nice mix of eight round rods would fit into the cube in a particularly clever way, only to learn that by tilting, rotating and swapping, other fillings could be obtained. Those round beveled rods can hurt. In the end, a mix of round rods with only two different lengths won out. Unfortunately, after that, I wondered why I wasn’t using my typical box. A new problem was formulated and an intensive collaboration with Pelikan ensued. The result is TUBE IN CUBE. For this, one round rod had to be shortened. This is not pretty, but in return the round rods unfold their full beauty in the restricted box, at least the part I was allowed to discover. If you want to experience the beauty of the round beveled rods, I highly recommend practising with two rods first and only then successively increasing the number …and so my story ends as it began: ‘Place the eight logs into the box.'”

Kevin Sadler wrote about it:

“The name of this was at the suggestion of Allard who I assume must have helped with some prototyping. This name is much better than the original and whilst the pieces are not hollow, it is a good description of what needs to be done. Dr Latussek was heavily influenced by the now classic puzzle by Vesa Timonen, Lox in Box which has cylindrical wooden pieces to be packed into a tray. Volker with his amazing 3D design skills really wanted to turn this into a more difficult packing puzzle more than just fitting pieces into a tray. This puzzle is a fabulous creation and is tremendously difficult without being impossible. The shapes scream out for experimentation in pairs and different combinations but assembly outside the box is impossible because everything is very unstable and rolls all over the place. However, despite this, you get enough ideas to then start assembling in the box. It is also a dexterity puzzle – the pieces just do not want to stay in place (in fact I have really struggled just to get the thing back to the travel position). As you play, it becomes obvious how the short pieces can interact and then it is a matter of working out how to get them inside. Lots of different ideas spring to mind as you play but always the last piece cannot be inserted – not just because the lid gets in the way, but because there is simply no room inside for that piece. Eventually there is an incredible Aha! moment and with a lot of fiddling about the final piece can go inside. The precision is amazing and they only just fit inside the box. This is also my pick from the bunch.”