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Aqua Toto

Designer: Osanori Yamamoto

This puzzle measures: 72 mm x 72 mm x 48 mm

Material: Wenge, Ash and Bubingo

Moves: 18.7.2 Rotation required

Kevin Sadler wrote about it:

“The Aqua Toto puzzle is my 2nd favourite from the group to be released. This is also a classic Osanori Yamamoto design consisting of a 2 piece frame and 2 Wenge pieces which straddle it. Separating the pieces requires that the frames be moved and the Wenge L’s be negotiated through a changing maze to a position which allows the characteristic rotation moves. The rotational moves came to me in a completely unexpected position and there was also something else about it that I found wonderfully startling. Further moves and further rotations lead to another rather unexpected Aha! moment. It took me quite a while to reassemble these after scrambling and leaving the pieces for a while. This is a truly satisfying puzzle. Not for beginners but all experienced puzzlers will enjoy the sequence and the surprise moves in this one.”


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