Designer: Theo Geerinck

This puzzle measures: 132 mm x 48 mm x 77 mm

Material: Am. Walnut, Maple

Kevin Sadler wrote about it:

“I had gotten used to the Pelikan own designs for their continuing series of animal shaped puzzles and was expecting another one. This time I was delighted to see a wonderful design by Theo with his good friend Simon to accompany the earlier creation of the Bison from Jack Krijnen. They obviously had been either working together or competing to create puzzles on the theme. The Rhino has been beautifully crafted using American Walnut and Maple and is scarily realistic with a white horn and even pupils in the eyes. The sequence for disassembly is not terribly difficult since the puzzle is mostly a series of plates on a spine but they don’t just slide off and there are a couple of gotcha moments during the disassembly and a nice Aha! moment as well. Once it is apart, the reassembly is not hugely tough but having left it for a while, I had forgotten the orientation of a few of the plates and struggled to get them back in line on the spine. It’s a lovely idea and will look amazing on display with the Bison (don’t tell Mrs S!).”