Designer: Alexander Magyarics

This puzzle measures: 74 mm x 74 mm x 69 mm

Material: Mahogany / Wenge

Kevin Sadler wrote about it:

“We have not had one of Alexander’s cubic packing puzzles for a little while and this one is a stunner both for the tremendous design as well as for the incredible workmanship that has been put into this one by Jakub and his team. It has been made with a Mahogany box with 3 Wenge pieces inside which completely fill the cross shaped entrance. The truly special thing about this is that it has a moving part – a whole corner of the box ascends and descends like a lift (elevator to you Yanks) and hence the name Paternoster. However, whilst the name is very clever, I really think it should be called “scares the crap out you” because this is what it did! Initially I did not know how many pieces there were inside and quickly discovered the first moves in the removal sequence. That movement of the corner section is really satisfying and smooth. It shows off the superb accuracy of the Pelikan craftsmanship. I moved the corner and one of the pieces and realised that what was inside could now move as it slid without me realising it. I then was unable to return the puzzle back to the start position! Aaaargh! I spent a fairly frenzied half hour or so desperately trying to reset the puzzle with a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. I put my fingers inside and moved pieces in various directions and found a partial rotational move. OMG! What if I had rotated a piece without realising it? Then I found that I had rotated a piece. Aaargh! Eventually, with my heart pounding, I reset it back to the beginning and put it down for a while. This was going to be really tough. Having screwed my courage “to the sticking place”, I tried again and yes, I did the same thing again – I was stuck! Another half hour and it was back but without me really understanding why it was back. The third time I did it again but instead of panicking and returning to the beginning I decided to continue to try and dismantle it without really understanding what was going on. I found several more movements that may or may not be useful and gradually worked the pieces out. This was a really interesting exploration which did not really leave me with an understanding of the puzzle. When the final piece came out, I was very relieved but had a huge sense of achievement from just a 3 piece puzzle. It’s a packing puzzle and I hadn’t even packed it yet! At this point, I could see that it was “just” one of Alexander’s 3x3x3 cubes to be assembled in a box with obstructions. I say “just” because I had no real idea of what I had done to take the pieces out and so packing them in was just as hard. Yes, yet again, I got the bloody thing blocked up again several times before I finally got it reassembled. This creation from Alex and Pelikan is stunning!”