Ode To The Bevel

Designer: Dr. Volker Latussek

This puzzle measures: 68 mm x 68 mm x 67 mm

Material: Pink Oak / Garapa

Dr. Volker Latussek wrote about it:

“It should be a FERMAT FOR FRIENDS and a puzzle for the coffee table. I had planned to pack five identical triangles into my usual box. That sounds clear, but in fact there are still many parameters, so that I did not know at the beginning, how the puzzle will look like. In the meantime, I had wished that the triangles were beveled, preferably the tips were trimmed. I made a virtue of this necessity and for the first time designed a puzzle whose solution is only possible with a bevel. Nevertheless, Pelikan had to keep the usual small tolerances. Many thanks for that. The puzzle is an ode to the bevel. I beg the indulgence of the experts among Pelikan’s customers, ODE TO THE BEVEL is, like my CASINO, a puzzle for the coffee table.”

Kevin Sadler wrote about it:

“Yes, we have another of Dr Latussek’s clever packing puzzles! I was contacted by Volker when he heard that I had received my review copy. I was very surprised that he was almost apologetic about it! Volker had designed something very clever but thought that the puzzle may not have the purity and difficulty of his previous puzzles that Jakub and Jaroslav’s customers had come to expect. He wanted it to be a family puzzle that is suitable to display on a coffee table for all to play with rather than go in a collection. I have to say that he has NOTHING to apologise for! Yes, this puzzle is not as pure as some others and indeed, it is not quite as difficult as as the others but that does not detract from it at all. I think that this puzzle is FABULOUS! It has been beautifully made from Pink Oak and a vibrant yellow Garapa. There are a few interesting possibilities when assembling shapes outside the box. The pieces seem to fit into the box quite easily up to getting the fourth one in and then it gets pretty blocked up and even with my small fingers, I struggled to move them around inside as they blocked each other. This puzzle requires a bit of thought about how the shapes can interact with the box and a bit of planning before you get a lovely Aha! moment and suddenly the final piece sits inside. As with all of Volker’s puzzles, he has a very specific transport assembly which in itself is a bit fiddly to get done – I don’t envy the Pelikan team putting them all together!”