Little Portico

by Stephane Chomine

This puzzle measures 55 mm x 44 mm x 77 mm.

We used Maple and Purpleheart.

Kevin Sadler wrote about it:

“The Little Portico is a nice little sampler for this group of puzzles – It is beautifully made and the pieces slide perfectly. I managed it fairly easily in about 30 minutes as there are only a few short blind ends to get lost in. The really fun part of this easier one is to take it apart and immediately scramble the pieces and then try to reassemble it without having the muscle memory of the pieces and their orientation – This happened to me inadvertently because the cat on my lap scrambled the pieces for me before I could everything set in my head! Assembly from scratch is perfectly possible and really quite fun – it took me about another hour. If you are experienced at burrs then this will be a breeze but still enjoyable, and if you are a collector then you know you need it!”