Designer: Stephan Baumegger

This puzzle measures: 99 mm x 99 mm x 99 mm

Material: Wenge, Cherry, Bubingo, American Walnut, Maple and Brass

Move: 49

Kevin Sadler wrote about it:

“Jakub and Jaroslav don't make very many burr puzzles these days but when they do any burr fans should sit up and pay attention – they only choose the best of the best of them and this marvelous design by Stephan Baumegger is fantastic. The wood choice and finish with all the bevelling is the mark of fabulous attention to detail. Inside is a shape that gives the puzzle its' name. I had solved the original back in 2015 after a huge struggle (I had managed to get lost in the puzzle about 20 moves in and could not find the next move for a very long time). Of course I was completely unable to remember even a single step from the solution and had to start from scratch on this one and managed to get stuck yet again about 20 moves into the solution. The movements are smooth and there is minimal catching of the pieces as they slide. I was really very pleased that Jakub had sent this to me several weeks ago as it took me several weeks to wend my way through the maze of moves. The puzzle does not have a stupendously high level ( but is a wonderful challenge with lots of exploration. The blind ends are frequent but not too long and so not too frustrating. Inside is the bulldozer which is one of the most beautiful pieces of wood work I have seen from them.”