Designer: Jack Krijnen

This puzzle measures: 130 mm x 43 mm x 75 mm

Material: Am. Walnut, Maple

Kevin Sadler wrote about it:

“A first look at this puzzle leaves you absolutely stunned – it is breathtakingly realistic! The intricacy of the design and manufacture is incredible. I am amazed that this can be produced in any numbers and indeed, Jakub did tell me that it was very difficult to produce. Jack Krijnen designs some wonderful puzzles and this year he produced a very small run of these Bison puzzles and then allowed Pelikan to make some more. This is a new category for me. Kumike is a very old Japanese tradition but not so,etching I've ever played with before (apart from very simple plastic puzzles as a child). It is not a terribly difficult challenge but is an absolute delight to look at, hold and to dismantle. There is a nice surprise inside. Whilst not hard to do, there is something compulsive about it and I keep dismantling and reassembling it with a big smile on my face. It is not suitable for young children or clumsy people as the interlocking sections are quite thin and could be broken if inadequate care was taken.”