Terms and conditions

International shipping wherever you are


Payment is done through PayPal or you can make direct payment to account. When we recieve the money, we will send package with puzzles you ordered to your address.


Due to diferent costs of shipping we will let you choose a shipping company which suits you best. Shipping is calculated according to the table below. When you are ordering the product, please fill the quantity, delivery company and address field.

Quantity Czech Post
Europe Others
1 12,00 14,00
2 14,00 17,00
3 16,00 20,00
4 18,00 23,00
5 20,00 26,00
6 22,00 29,00
7 24,00 32,00
8 26,00 35,00
9 28,00 38,00
10 30,00 41,00


Dear customers, we had to cancel UPS service. We are arranging another shipping company that will have acceptable prices and better service for you. We are sorry, but please use Czech Post for the time being. Czech Post deliver parcels around Europe within 7 days, to the USA within 14 days. Thank you for understanding.