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Designer: Osanori Yamamoto

This puzzle measures: 85 mm x 25 mm x 85 mm

Material: depends on product variant below

Kevin Sadler wrote about it:

“I have previously described the Galette by Osanori as the hell part of packing “heaven and hell”. I had first come across the Galette puzzle as an entry in the IPP design competition in Paris at which it was one of the top ten vote-getters. I had spent quite a lot of time on it in the competition room in Paris and had singularly failed to find a solution. I had bought a copy from Tom Lensch and solved it by pure luck after months of effort back in May last year. I was interested to see whether this beautiful version by Pelikan would still be a challenge. It looks like a simple packing puzzle with 5 tetromino pieces to be inserted into the covered rectangular space inside the frame. Rotations are possible (even required) around the z-axis but there is no way to stand a piece up on its edge. This is explained by the name – Galette is French for Wafer. The extra little twist to make this really tough is that the entry to the packing space is only through a 3×2 unit space in the lid or through a 1 voxel space in the lower edge. The extra interesting feature is that the bottom edge entry is part of the pack.”


2 reviews for Galette

  1. 5 out of 5


    This is a nice puzzle desgn that plays with the puzzle solver’s expectations. The goal is to pack the standard set of tetrominoes into the box, which has two openings to accomplish that, and clearly the compartment of the box is big enough for all of them. My standard approach is to arrange a layout of the pieces outside the box and then put it inside. I failed with the first stage and determined that it would even be impossible to arrrange the tetrominoes in a suitable way. An Aha! moment later, things started working for me and now all the pieces are inside and neatly packed. Of course packing this arrangement into the box requires some additional tricks. The puzzle is very well crafted so that the puzzles works well and the pieces move precisely, making it fun to play with!

  2. 5 out of 5


    I’m so happy that Pelikan team produced this little gem. 5 tetrominoes, 21 cubes of empty space – all in one layer. Rotational moves are necessary. You have to fill all the openings.
    What I like the most about this puzzle: you will definitely solve it using logical steps … what you need to do, what is possible to do … and you will be rewarded with solved Galette for sure. You will like it and present it to your friends, it just fits into your packet 😉

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