Designer: Stewart Coffin

This puzzle measures: 88 mm x 88 mm x 90 mm

Material: Acacia / Purpleheart

Kevin Sadler wrote about it:

“Triumph is a classic design form Stewart Coffin (design number 15). He made quite a few of these which are based on the classic Diagonal star puzzle with alterations in the extension pieces at each end. This one is made from Acacia and Purpleheart and looks stunning. Jakub has decided to send this out in the classic tower formation and this is relatively easy to work out what to push/pull to separate it into two pieces and then completely dismantle. The precision with this is superb! There are no gaps anywhere and the sliding motion as you separate the halves is delicious. I used Burrtools many years ago to exhaustively examine all the possible assemblies and there are quite a lot of assemblies (approx 1200) but most are not attractive even though they fit together. I found just 3 or 4 particularly attractive ways to put the puzzle togther and you should have a nice time experimenting with this one. There are 3 main assemblies that you can find on the internet which you should try to find. Be careful! The corners are so perfect that they are sharp and whilst you are unlikely to cut yourself, you may find handling it uncomfortable. The pieces fit so perfectly that it can be quite difficult to get everything aligned perfectly to allow the final assembly to slide together. It is very satisfying when it does. I did not think that anyone could make this puzzle as perfectly as Scott Peterson who made me a copy many years ago but I actually think that this one from Pelikan is pretty much as perfect as his!”

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