Thor’s Hammer

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Designer: Stephan Baumegger

This puzzle measures: 235 mm x 84 mm x 96 mm

Material: Maple / Dark Oak / brass pins

Difficulty: 65 (

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  1. Alexander

    Oh my Odin, this is a MASSIVE puzzle … and beautiful too. Sure, in the most powerful way. If you are a collector of puzzles, comic books, any kind of Marvel stuff or you just want to have a feeling of visiting Valhalla you need to have your own Hammer. It is the one of the best designs on display and a real challenge in the same time. Jakub and Jaroslav + team, thank you so much, you did an amazing job, again. Stephan, you are the one.
    Buy it, grab it and shout out loud: “I’m still worthy!” 🙂

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