Pin-Up Box

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Designer: Lucie Pauwels

This puzzle measures: 83 mm x 59 mm x 35 mm

Material: Jatoba, Wenge, Bubinga, Maple

Kevin Sadler wrote about it:

“This delightful little packing puzzle by the amazing Lucie Pauwels really packs quite a punch. It is surprisingly heavy for its’ size which I presume is due to the density of the Jatoba box. The pieces are made from Wenge and there is a beautifully made pin made with Maple and Bubinga. The pieces are a small subset of the Soma pieces with 4 of them having a hole drilled through. The aim is to assemble the pieces inside the box leaving space for the pin to be poked through the hole into the piece which lines up with it. There are obvious 4 different solutions depending on which piece you wish to pierce. I found this a delightful little challenge to try in the evenings and finding the final one took me a surprising amount of time (but then I am usually terrible at packing puzzles). This is a lovely puzzle for beginners and experienced puzzlers alike. Lucie has contacted me free I posted this to correct me and tell me the true aim: ‘The goal of the Pin-Up Box is to pack everything inside and fix with the pin, in a way that nothing drops out when you hold the box upside down. Four pieces with a pin-hole, each giving a solution.’ Time to try again!”

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  1. Alexander

    Pin-up box is a great pocket puzzle you can take anywhere with you and show it to your friends. Not only one but four different challenges, you can easily find out if your solution is the right one – just turn the box upside down, if nothing falls out, you did it! Not a difficult one but you will definitely have fun with it 😉 Another cool puzzle from Lucie Pauwels.

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