Enter If You Can – The Art Of Puzzle Boxes – Standard Edition

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By Peter Hajek

The book measures: 285 mm x 220 mm x 15 mm

Peter Hajek wrote about it:

“The richly illustrated hardback book covers the history of boxes with secret opening; their flourishing at the turn of the 19th and 20th Century in England, Japan and Switzerland; the work of the three pioneers of puzzle box art – Wood, Chambers and Kamei; and the greatest achievements of modern masters currently active in Japan, America, Europe and Australia. There are also sections on puzzle box secrets, puzzle locks, and the current 'puzzle scene'.”


The book is also available from cubicdissection.com in the USA. Buyers from the US will save on postage by buying the book there, those from the rest of the world will save on postage by buying the book here.

Kevin Sadler wrote about it:

This beautiful book by Professor Hajek is a Tour de force production with beautiful pictures and should be thought of as THE DEFINITIVE history and analysis of all the puzzle world has to offer on the subject of puzzle boxes. It covers puzzles both old and new, European, American and traditional Japanese as well as the wonderful creations by the Karakuri Group. There are even puzzles discussed which I can justify owning as not traditionally thought of as boxes. This is not something for your bookshelf – it is something to keep on your coffee table to refer to regularly. Later this month a version will be released with a locking mechanism designed and made by Shane Hales. This will be limited in number and I hope that I can get a copy when they come out.

  1. tony_mann

    This is wonderful! An account of the history of puzzle boxes and contemporary makers, with beautiful illustrations throughout. The author offers many insights and encourages the reader to think about what what particularly appeals to them in a puzzle box. He also offers guidance into how to acquire them. This is an absolute treat for anyone who enjoys puzzles and appreciates creativity. And for such a beautifully-produced book, it is a bargain at the price!

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