Camera Conundrum

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Designer: William Waite

This puzzle measures: 112 mm x 85 mm x 112 mm

Material: Dark Oak and Maple

William Waite wrote about it:

“After being sold out for more than a decade, the Camera Conundrum is once again available in high quality from the original makers: Pelikan Puzzles. I suggest getting yours while supplies last!”

Kevin Sadler wrote about it:

“Camera was originally a winner of an Honorable Mention at the IPP in 2003. This beautiful puzzle looks like a Kodak camera from my youth and I guess would be classified as a Kumiki with seven interlocking pieces. Apparently it is also a box as the first challenge is to find a secret drawer. The locking mechanism is truly ingenious and sequential. Jakub has added an extra mechanism to add to the difficulty. Whilst not hugely difficult, this puzzle is a delight to explore and the reassembly ensures that you truly understand how it locks. It is also beautiful enough that Mrs S will let it stay on display.”

1 review for Camera Conundrum

  1. 5 out of 5


    It is always an added value when puzzle looks like a “real” common object. Camera Conundrum from William Waite is one of these items which can decorate a shelf in any room and probably no one will realize what’s “behind the camera” 🙂 Better said – this is a real masterpiece because of the Pelikan team craftsmanship + the genius of designer. The sequential solution was almost the same like using the real camera (can’t spoil anything) but you have even the space to put photographic film inside, there is a secret compartment for it. Definitely a challenging locking mechanism. Almost forgot: when you buy one you will own one of winning puzzles from IPP in 2003. Ready? Say ‘Cheeeeese!”

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