Yin Yang

Designer: Dr. Volker Latussek

This puzzle measures: 70 mm x 70 mm x 55 mm

Material: Cherry, Maple and Wenge

Kevin Sadler wrote about it:

“My copy of Yin yang has been crafted from Cherry, Maple and Wenge – it is simply stunning Dr Latussek is responsible for some truly amazing packing puzzles! His mind seems to work very differently to many other designers and he is incredibly particular that his puzzles are beautifully presented in both the unsolved as well as the solved state. The Yin Yang puzzle looks just as its' name would suggest in both solved and unsolved states. There are 6 simple blocks of wood to be fitted through the Yin (or yang) with the aim being to completely fill the cavity of the box.which is a 4x4x3 cuboid. These shapes look pretty simple and there's a decent sized hole which places a small restriction on how pieces can be put inside. Yet again… make a cuboid outside the box! How hard can it be with such simple pieces? OMG! I spent a good few hours over a couple of evenings just trying to make the assembly. It wouldn't fit together and I had begun to think that Jakub was trying to make me look foolish (something I frequently manage without any assistance!) but on the third day of searching, I had a wonderful Aha! moment – my cuboid was complete. Right then place it inside the box. Except it wasn't to be that easy. The shapes and orientation revealed certain requirements for movements which was a fun discovery. I tried for an hour to get the shape I had made into the box and couldn't for the life of me do it. OMG! was there an alternate assembly that I hadn't found despite 3 days of trying? Time to Think¬©. So I thunk for an evening and it hit me right between the eyes! Not terribly bright and I hope that you don't have the same problem. I finally got it and was delighted – it looks stunning in the solved shape as well. This puzzle is absolutely fabulous – the premise is simple but the execution of it is a lovely challenge.”