Designer: Michail Toulouzas

This puzzle measures: 100 mm x 100 mm x 140 mm

Material: Bubingo

Michail Toulouzas wrote about it:

“The trinity puzzle is a very attractive piece of art that is also a puzzle. it combines the sharp corners of the geometrical looped shape trefoil and the beautiful curves of lathed columns.Its an unusual puzzle and i am very pleased that this design came alive despite the hi difficulty level of the overall crafting thanks to the skills of Pelikan Shop.”

Kevin Sadler wrote about it:

“Five years on from the 2014 IPP in which, Mike Toulouzas has collaborated with Jakub and Jaroslav to produce a limited run (60) of the Trinity puzzle which was one of his three entries into the design competition. I can categorically say that their version is stunning! It arrived in pieces and the aim is to assemble the 3 identical notched pieces into a shape that entrap the 3 wooden posts. Pelikan has constructed this from a beautiful wood which has been smoothly turned and finished to enhance the grain. The puzzle pieces are a nice chunky size and finished so accurately that the corners are sharp. I initially began looking for a way to assemble the 3 pieces whilst ignoring the trio of posts. Aha!!! This is a Coordinate motion puzzle – something that Pelikan do very well indeed! I worked out a nice movement that would assemble the required shape – it looks lovely… a sort of knot/trefoil. Time to assemble it on the posts. Oh boy, this takes the difficulty level up a notch or two! Trying to make that sweet coordinate motion with the posts in the way and constraining positions proved rather awkward. My initial attempts were not aided by balancing the construction on the back of a very mobile cat! After the second evening of trying and failing, I took it to the kitchen granite and worked there. FINALLY! It slid together in a very satisfying manner and looks fabulous! A wonderful puzzle taking pride of place in my collection.”