Slideways Ball

by Ray Stanton and Pelikan

Diameter of the ball is 59 mm.

We used Cherry, Acacia and Maple.

Kevin Sadler wrote about it:

“This ball is the third in the series based on ray Stanton’s Slideways wonderful burr. All three have the same mechanism but the boys at Pelikan have skillfully changed the shape to mask the pieces. First there was the Slideways cube and now the ball. It is beautifully presented as a large golf ball with a stand and a turned wooden golf tee. The ball is a delight to handle and finding the exact places to press to start the fascinating coordinate motion off takes quite some time. When found it miraculously slides apart and the pieces seem to move an unfeasible distance before disengaging. Assembly is a lovely movement too. This makes a fantastic (if large) worry bead to keep in your pocket.”