Designer: Alexander Magyarics

This puzzle measures: 67 mm x 67 mm x 67 mm

Material: Pink Oak / Wenge and Purpleheart

Kevin Sadler wrote about it:

“I'm sure by now you all know that I adore the 3×3 cube based packing puzzles with unusual piece shapes and restricted entry into the container. I have lots of them from Osanori and Alexander and am always in the lookout for new variants. Imagine, if you will, yet another one, beautifully made by the guys at Pelikan but making things much more interesting the box has captive pieces which hook over two of the sides which can slide into any of the three positions on each of them. This means we have a similar type of packing puzzle but where the box can effectively change shape before and during the solution process. It also means that we have seven challenges where the “sliders” have to end up at different positions (the eighth potential configuration has no solutions). This is a puzzler's dream – beauty and multiple puzzles in one. It has been superbly constructed with a gorgeous Pink Oak box, Wenge captive sliding pieces and vibrant Purpleheart pieces. These seven challenges are definitely not trivial, in fact I've only managed to solve 3 of them so far. I don't think that I have found the “best/longest” solution to them so I will have to keep looking. This one definitely needs to be solved outside first before attempting to fit it inside – but the captive sliding pieces make the thought processes much more difficult. This puzzle is absolutely fabulous and great value for money.”