Quad Slideways Ball

Designer: Ray Stanton and Pelikan

Diameter of the ball is 80 mm.

Weight: 200 g

Material: Purpleheart, Wenge, Maple and Mahagony

Ray Stanton wrote about it:

“The Quad Slideways Ball was created when Pelikan Puzzles converted the Quad Slideways Burr into a sphere. The Ball uses the same basic operating principal as the Burr, but it is really quite a different puzzle. The ball shape and the altered color pattern eliminate most of the orientation clues making this puzzle more difficult to solve. There are other changes that also alter the solution, but you will have to discover those for yourself. This puzzle is difficult to make because of all the small pieces and the tight tolerances required to make it work properly, but Pelikan did a great job as usual. The result is a very interesting puzzle to solve with a fascinating assembly/disassembly motion. It is also a beautiful puzzle with a nice size and feel.”