Portico J

by Stephane Chomine

It measures 55 mm x 44 mm x 99 mm.

We used We used Cherry and Wenge.

Kevin Sadler wrote about it:

“With only one extra burr stick in the taller frame I did not expect this to be too much harder – Oh boy was I wrong! There are quite a few possible starter moves and they can lead quite a long way. There is one particularly long pathway which Always ends blindly. The next move is absolutely perfectly hidden – camouflaged so well that I could not see it despite it being right in front of me! After you have found that hidden move, there is still a pretty complex sequence before it comes apart in a very unusual fashion. This will keep a puzzler going for quite some time. The reassembly from scratch is just as fun and still possible without memorising the piece positions. This is an absolutely fabulous burr puzzle with just the right level of difficulty.”