by Christoph Lohe

This puzzle will be soon available on Puzzle Master.

This puzzle measures 48 mm x 48 mm x 60 mm.

We used Zebrano, Purpleheart, Bubinga and Maple.

Difficulty: Move 16 (15)

Christoph Lohe wrote about it:

“I always wanted to design an interlocking puzzle for beginners, with a minimum number of pieces. My choice was a 4x4x5 frame with only two sticks inside. With 15 moves to release the first stick, it is not a trivial puzzle but still managable for people who are not experienced in Burr puzzles. With a little bit of imagination, the puzzle reads “POPP” around the circumference, so I devoted it to Rainer Popp, the brilliant designer of outstanding metallic trick locks. The Pelikan workshop has built the puzzle for Frans de Vreugd who has used it as his exchange at the International Puzzle Party in 2016. It was manufactured at pocket size with Pelikan’s highest standards in nice, contrasting woods, and the fit is just perfect. I am very happy with the outcome.”