Petit Pack

Designer: Osanori Yamamoto

This puzzle measures: 55 mm x 55 mm x 40 mm

Material: depends on product variant below

Moves: 7.2.2

Kevin Sadler wrote about it:

“Another lovely packing puzzle by the Master, Osanori Yamamoto. Pelikan have made this available in 4gorgeous woods. These puzzles are a great challenge with a low number of pieces to fit in a box open at diagonally opposite corners with no gaps visible in the bigger hole. The first time I did it, I think I cheated by introducing pieces through the smaller hole and I found the challenge relatively easy. Next, it occurred to me that there might be more of a challenge if I place all pieces into the box via the front hole. This way the packing puzzle requires a lovely dance of the pieces around and has a lovely Aha! moment as you find the right order and the moves.”