Mochalov Ball

by Leonid Mochalov

Diameter of the ball is 90 mm.

We used Purpleheart, Wenge, Maple, Padouk, American Walnut, Acacia, Bubingo and Jatoba.

Kevin Sadler wrote about it:

“The Mochalov ball is based on the original Cube 8 puzzle designed by the prolific Russian puzzle designer and craftsman Leonid Mochalov. Made of 8 beautifully finished pieces of wood and fashioned into perfect sphere, the challenge is to find the first piece to be removed. After that the disassembly is straightforward. It is a delight to see how perfectly each piece fits together. This one is so beautiful that Mrs S let it sit on display in the living room next to the companion Convolution ball – both have equally beautiful stands to stop them rolling away.”