Mini Lock 2

Designer: Christoph Lohe

This puzzle measures: 50 mm x 30 mm x 50 mm

Material: Ash, Purpleheart, Garapa

Kevin Sadler wrote about it:

“Minilock 2 is Extremely cute, just like the predecessor. This delightful puzzle is not terribly difficult. It consists of a key, a shackle and 2 burr sticks. It requires only linear moves so do not try to turn the key. Like all of Christoph Lohe's creations, it is a lovely little puzzle to explore. Finding the correct path is more fiddly than tough but is a nice little diversion which at the end left me astounded at the precision required to make something like this move so smoothly. It also looks gorgeous and will be very nice on display in any collection. Reassembly from scrambled pieces is definitely possible (although it took me a whole evening).”