Designer: Terry Smart

This puzzle measures: 127 mm x 79 mm x 99 mm

Material: Maple / Zebrano

Kevin Sadler wrote about it:

“This wonderful design by Terry Smart was modified and improved by Stephan Baumegger who made a limited production run back in 2016. At the end of that year it was good enough to make it into my top ten puzzles of the year. I am delighted that Pelikan have decided to make more copies available to everyone as it is a stunning burr that looks lovely on display (my lion twins are on display on my mantlepiece along with my other animals) and as well as that, it is a really fun challenge with some really hard to find moves. The disassembly level is not terribly high at but several crucial moves are incredibly well hidden and there are a lot of possibilities that open up to you as you work your way through. I remembered that I really struggled with Stephan’s version and I did it again this time. Don’t tell Mrs S but I could probably go back to all my old puzzles and have absolutely no recollection of them and solve them again as if I’d not done it before – I probably don’t need to buy any new ones but where is the fun in that? After a couple of days of desperately trying to find the missing move, I had my breakthrough. Even after that there are still a lot of moves to sort through to find the rest of the disassembly. I had a wonderful time and now have to go back to my BT file to reassemble it. This one is beautiful on display and a perfect medium challenge.”