Designer: Dr. Volker Latussek

This puzzle measures: 112 mm x 112 mm x 12 mm

Material: Mahogany / Padauk / Acacia / Purpleheart

Goetz Schwandtner wrote about it:

“Lutz is a German name and also the name of this new packing puzzle by Dr. Volker Latussek. This puzzle does not need a name tag, as the pieces beautifully crafted from various species of wood come in the shapes of the letters of this name. When the puzzle is shipped, the letters are neatly packed into the frame, and that challenge is not too difficult. The real challenge and objective is the following: There is an opening in one side of the frame and the pieces should be packed into the frame in a way that they can be slid out through that opening without picking them up or making any other use of the third dimension. Only sliding of the pieces is allowed. You may wonder if there was a small manufacturing glitch as the opening in the frame does not perfectly align with the internal grid of the puzzle and is a bit narrower than the long sides of most of the pieces. This is when the real puzzling fun starts and you have to start thinking on how to accomplish this task. It took me maybe half an hour of forming some theories, trying arrangements and then arriving at a really nice Aha! moment. This is a fun puzzle to play with, and like for most of this designer's puzzles, the dimensions are carefully chosen to avoid less interesting solutions.”