Designer: Volker Latussek

This puzzle measures: 74 mm x 74 mm x 74 mm

Material: Cherry, Bubingo and Maple

Goetz Schwandtner wrote about it:

“Harun is the second paacking puzzle design by Dr. Volker Latussek with a (red) cross shape theme, where two U shaped pieces come in a cross and not packed into the box with the others. The puzzle easy to understand: There are 12 pieces, a box, and the goal is to pack all the pieces into the box completely. With this high number of pieces, packing them into a box with little space is usually difficult, but after a close look, this design seems to be open for a more systematic approach. The 12 pieces are grouped into two shapes: 6 boards and 6 U shaped pieces. Those can actually be packed into the box in two ways, one more difficult than the other. For the simpler, nicely symmetric solution, deduction is required instead of brute forcing. Analyzing the box and the pieces, there is the first Aha! moment. When trying to implement an arrangement of the pieces to fit this theory, there are more observations to find and eventually leading to the solution. Of course, I will not describe my solution or my observations here, but instead challenge you to find them yourself! And if that was too easy for you, there is the second solution!”