Euklid for Nick

Designer: Dr. Volker Latussek

This puzzle measures: 70 mm x 70 mm x 70 mm

Material: Acacia, Purpleheart and Padauk

Naturally, Nick Baxter wrote about it:

“For the last ten years, Dr. Volker Latussek and I have been good friends and I've enjoy every one of his wonderful entries for the Nob Yoshigahara Puzzle Design Competition (Tower of London and Casino both winning the jury's Grand Prize). But recently something unexpected happened: there should have been just one solution for Euklid, but I found 22, and there could be more! Then apparently Dr L. lost a wager that I was not even aware of, and was forced to name his next design after his new-found nemesis. I can confirm that this time he got it right! Euklid for Nick is actually for everyone, even kids-anyone looking for a challenging and rewarding puzzle solving experience. And I feel the new puzzle combines the best attributes of its two predecessors. Euklid had seven blocks of various sizes, making it awkward for us to keep track of our failures. On the other hand, Euklid for Kids teased us with only three pieces that didn't cooperate. This time we're again presented with seven blocks, but only two different sizes. They are still not terribly cooperative, but at least we get a more generous opening for the box. But of course, there is plenty of room for rotations! If the Euklid story is a trilogy, this is a fitting finale. I have mixed emotions having my name associated with this design, as I really had nothing to do with it, except perhaps reminding Dr. L of the virtues of a puzzle with a unique solution! And this one is unique in many ways. If you enjoyed any bit of the previous two, you will not be disappointed with the latest Euklid episode.”

Kevin Sadler wrote about it:

“You all remember that I struggled hugely with the original Euklid by Dr Latussek but really really enjoyed the significantly less difficult Euklid for Kids. Every now and then the puzzling genius that is Nick Baxter contacts me to ask a serious question about a puzzle that I have reviewed. Somehow he never understands that my approach to puzzles is NOT logic and thought… it's just random movements and hence, everything is difficult for me. He really wondered why I had had difficulty with Euklid because apparently he had found 22 different solutions (to my shame, I still cannot find any extras). Volker then decided to create a new variant especially for Nick that DEFINITELY only had one solution and should cause him to sweat a little to solve it. It is gorgeous, it seems to have the same box as the previous 2 versions but this time has 4 identical Purpleheart blocks and 3 smaller Padauk blocks which need to fit under the lip of the box entry. I have not had much time with it so far but – it is worthy of the name. The collectors amongst you will need to buy this to complete the set. The rest of you will want this because it is a bloody good puzzle that has a unique solution and is damned difficult. I hope that one day I will manage to solve it.”