Euklid for Kids

Designer: Dr. Volker Latussek

This puzzle measures: 66 mm x 66 mm x 66 mm

Material: Padauk, Merbau, Acacia

Goetz Schwandtner wrote about it:

“Euklid for Kids is one of those packing puzzles that first seems easy with 3 beautiful wooden cuboids, to be packed into a box with a restricted opening, how hard can that be? Quickly, it turns out to be impossible, after some first tries and then even taking measurements of pieces, box, and opening. This puzzle was a challenge by Dr. Volker Latussek to me, as he wanted to design a puzzle that I would not solve within 15 minutes or so, and I must admit: He succeeded with this plan! I quickly developed some ideas how to solve this task, but for a long time, none of them worked for me. Only recently, I picked it up again, tried to modify my analyses and theories a bit, and one observation and an Aha! moment later, I was surprised to see that all three pieces indeed fit into the box, and no force or external (woodworking) tools were required for that! A great surprise and challenge. I am sure that there will be people solving the puzzle much quicker and of course I am interested to hear about puzzlers solving this great challenge! And maybe you can also take the name literally and give your kids a try?”