by Stephane Chomine

This puzzle will be soon available on Puzzle Master.

This puzzle measures 91 mm x 72 mm x 60 mm.

We used Wenge, Maple and Zebrano.

Difficulty: Move 36 (30.6)

Kevin Sadler wrote about it:

“Etrier is a variant on the idea of Pontoon and Aqueduc with a single rectangular plate and a couple of H shaped plates at 90º to it. This version has the H’s held in place in the centre with some beautiful rings made from Zebrawood. The first few moves are quite constrained but after that there are quite a few options some of the options seem to include the possibility of rotating the pieces. This clearly does not lead towards a solution and it requires a little discipline to keep trying linear moves. Etrier is significantly tougher than Pontoon requiring 30 moves to remove the first piece. Once the 2 H shapes are removed then it is obvious that the rings can only be removed after a rotation. Very clever and stunning for the shelf.”