Designer: Volker Latussek

This puzzle measures: 91 mm x 61 mm x 61 mm

Material: depends on product variant below

Goetz Schwandtner wrote about it:

“The latest puzzle “DUNANT” by Dr. Volker Latussek is a nice little box with some five identical C shaped pieces in it. In the initial configuration two of the pieces look out through the opening in the top and form the shape of a red cross (providing a reference to the name of the puzzle). Taking the pieces is quickly accomplished, and then the real fun starts. The challenge is to get them back into the box, but this time nothing is allowed to stick out of the box. I quickly noticed that the pieces cannot just be entered into the box one by one, but a better and more systematic approach would be needed. Of course, trying to pack the pieces outside the box first is a good idea for a start, but even then you will need to find a way to actually build this arrangement into the box. That the opening is smaller than the whole top side, makes things more interesting. During the solve I experienced several Aha! moments and found aspects of the solution I like a lot, including some very interesting move sequences. Not just a regular everyday packing puzzle, but there are several discoveries to be made before the pieces fit in. Everything is very well crafted (in three different kinds of wood) and fits nicely without random moves required or possible. A clear recommendation for this great puzzle!”