Designer: Andrew Crowell and Christoph Lohe

This puzzle measures: 70 mm x 70 mm x 70 mm

Material: Mahogany / Maple

Move: 45

Ken Irvine wrote about it:

“When two of my favorite puzzles designers get together to collaborate on a new puzzle, I take note and anxiously await the arrival of the final product. The dynamic duo for this most recent venture is Christoph Lohe and Andrew Crowell. Chris prototyped a puzzle design concept with 3 interlocked burr pieces within a 5x5x5 frame and provided Andrew with this new raw puzzling material to inject into his magical complexinator. The complexinator then churned this puzzle DNA into several new creations. The best of these creations are the Chamburr and
Cyburr twins. If you solve both, you will notice some similarities but also appreciate the differences. Normally, I like to receive puzzles from Chris and Andrew unassembled, but I was more than happy to get these assembled. Cyburr looks fairly innocuous with 3 entangled pieces within the frame, but this little gem requires 38 moves to remove the first piece. It is amazing how the pieces just refuse to come out as they dance within the frame. Although, there are not a lot of dead-end branches, discovering each of the moves along the path is a fun challenge. Since 2 of the pieces require a rotation to remove, BurrTools is not going to help you with this one.”