Christmas Tree

Designer: Stephan Baumegger

This puzzle measures: 80 mm x 80 mm x 110 mm

Material: Acacia, Garapa, Maple

Kevin Sadler wrote about it:

“I can't have a Christmas tree at home because the last time we did have one it was destroyed by the cats in a most upsetting manner. They are absolutely fascinated by it and whilst tinsel may look funny going in the front end, it very much is NOT funny when it exits the other! This year however I shall have a Christmas tree on display in my living room! It will be on my mantelpiece…it is a beautiful design from Stephan Baumegger. It looks like a burr puzzle but initial exploration shows that it is more like a wood chuck puzzle. A piece slides and then another and then I got stuck for a bit. After a close look at what was revealed I was able to proceed and after that quite rapidly has a pile o'pieces. The disassembly probably took me 10 minutes and was quite fun. The real challenge is to reassemble it with all the colours in the right place. The first couple of times I put it back together with great satisfaction only to realise that the light cubies weren't all aligned properly. It took me an extra 5 or 10 minutes of fiddling around before I got it right. This is a perfect seasonal gift and a nice little challenge for the new puzzler.”