Camera Conundrum

Designer: William Waite

This puzzle measures: 112 mm x 85 mm x 112 mm

Material: Dark Oak and Maple

William Waite wrote about it:

“After being sold out for more than a decade, the Camera Conundrum is once again available in high quality from the original makers: Pelikan Puzzles. I suggest getting yours while supplies last!”

Kevin Sadler wrote about it:

“Camera was originally a winner of an Honorable Mention at the IPP in 2003. This beautiful puzzle looks like a Kodak camera from my youth and I guess would be classified as a Kumiki with seven interlocking pieces. Apparently it is also a box as the first challenge is to find a secret drawer. The locking mechanism is truly ingenious and sequential. Jakub has added an extra mechanism to add to the difficulty. Whilst not hugely difficult, this puzzle is a delight to explore and the reassembly ensures that you truly understand how it locks. It is also beautiful enough that Mrs S will let it stay on display.”