Designer: Stéphane Chomine

This puzzle measures: 70 mm x 48 mm x 72 mm

Material: Merbau / Purpleheart

Kevin Sadler wrote about it:

“I adore Stéphane Chomine’s designs – they always have a simplicity to them yet also are a real challenge. This is definitely the case here with a level of How can it be so difficult? There are just 4 burr sticks (gorgeous Purpleheart) in a very simple frame (made from Merbau). Starting off, there are only a few moves possible and they stop in a blind end very quickly. Only one sequence seems to progress and this promisingly opens up the visibility inside very quickly. After a short while it really looks like progress has been made and it would separate soon but I came to a hard stop here. Despite great visibility, I could not progress and was locked going back and forth to this position again and again. I must have been missing something but could not see it for the life of me. Eventually after putting it down for an hour I came back to it and then was able to find the sneaky move and dismantled it. As always with Stéphane it is a stunning design, beautifully made with moves as smooth as silk that was a delight to solve.”