Designer: Stéphane Chomine

This puzzle measures: 60 mm x 40 mm 60 mm

Material: depends on product variant below

Moves: 21 (19.2)

Kevin Sadler wrote about it:

“This has been designed by the unbelievably talented and prolific Stéphane Chomine. He designs puzzles of all different complexities but he seems to be particularly good at finding a relatively simple external shape that has a much more complex and interesting solution than would be expected for the number of pieces and the shape. Angelus is another such delightful surprise – there are just 2 burr sticks held in a simple frame but with a level 19.2 disassembly. The pieces move in a fun dance around and over each other and the sequence is relatively easy to find to the disassembly. With 19 moves it is very enjoyable and then yet more fun is possible – a fantastic challenge is to scramble the pieces and leave them a while (to ensure you forget the disassembly sequence) and then try and put it back together again. It is a really fun and, despite the high number of moves, is very logical and doable by all puzzlers.”